Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ecotone: too cute to die?

Created by the 5-man French development team, Sundae Factory, Ecotone is a 2D puzzle platformer with an emphasis on physics and help from its nifty selling point. Each level in this tiny indie game features a whimsical atmosphere along  an incomplete sentence at the top left of the screen. For example, a level with the text "we didn't always agree" features two characters instead of one, and from the text, the player gathers that both characters move in opposite directions. Completing each level completes the statement, and in that way advances to the next level. The game features several physics-based puzzles (i.e. pushing boxes, crates, simultaneous button presses) and also a Limbo-like death timer. However, the most appealing aspect I found researching this game was the overall atmosphere of the game. Describing this game without describing the character design would be a sin, and doggone it, Sundae Factory captured my attention with adorableness. A single look at the forlorn mask the main character wears was enough to break down my resolve and bust out a post in the middle of the night. In addition, I was super impressed that 5 friends got together and threw together such an absolutely charming game, with a soundscape befitting of its airy quality.

Unfortunately, these folks are starving for money, and with only 10 days left on their project starter site and several thousands of dollars short, it seems like a shame that a game like this would get so high, yet fall so short. 

Freshness Rating: I wish I could stay awhile, but I'm forced to leave.

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  1. The artwork for this game was enough to get me to pay up some moola. The movement is really smooth in the game, too - I'm super excited for this to come out!!

  2. I certainly like the sound of it and, coming from Reddit, it makes me like it more knowing that the developers are pretty nice people. I'm going to have to give this game a shot!